Six tips for containing the second corona wave

With the administration tightening the reins for our society for the second time this year, it is time to evaluate the adjustments we have made within our organizations over the past six months and plan for the future. In this blog, once again, some tips for this phase that will put you back on edge.
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Assemble a crisis team

It is complex enough in a normal situation to make a plan and stick to it. In that respect, there is nothing new under the sun. In these times, it is important to make a plan as adaptive as possible. Make sure you save on fixed costs as soon as possible and do a scan of your network (in the company and outside). Put together a team of “quick thinkers” who develop ideas to ensure business continuity.

You are the fire chief

Hey, it’s a crisis. You can choose to bury your head in the sand and pretend it will blow over, but clarity and open communication with all your stakeholders is important right now. Share your expectations with your network and manage their expectations. We are all in the same boat.

Work on your existing sales

Take a good look at your account management results from the past period and find the weak spots. In times of crisis, people like to be in the company of steady values, and your company and colleagues are the steady values for your customers. Nurture each other and see where you can strengthen each other.

Develop new product-market combinations

Put that crisis team to work brainstorming new products and/or audiences. Be aware that most ideas on second reading do not add short-term value. Put those ideas in the closet (nice for later) and develop the plans you can test in the short term.

Take some distance

Walk away from the daily routine for an hour each day and take a distance to see what you are doing. Keep thinking strategically.

Stay healthy

We are all hardened managers and entrepreneurs, but we too are human. We are as susceptible to Corona as anyone else. One trait we share is that we like to care for others. Great idea, and take care of yourself en passant. So live disciplined, eat healthy and get plenty of exercise.


I see plenty of colleagues who get excited about government policies. Pretty understandable, but it’s needless negative energy, so straighten your back and do everything within your power. Read more about the strategy to follow during the Corona crisis? Read previous blogs on this topic:

Part 1: Seven tips for getting through the corona crisis

Part 2: Seven tips for getting through the corona crisis

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