Klantenfabriek maakt klanten

We bouwen platforms, creëren content en maken campagnes. We leveren de beste tools om jouw product of dienst in de markt te zetten.


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New customers?Managed growth?

Klantenfabriek is resultaatgericht.

Bij ons werken creatievelingen, marketeers, salesspecialisten en bedrijfskundigen aan onze Big Hairy Audacious Goal: Waarde toevoegen aan onze opdrachtgevers.

Wij maken klanten.

Platforms. Content. Campagnes. Directe verkoop. Of door een plan te maken waarmee je nieuwe relaties vindt in jouw markt.

Onze merkbelofte:

Wij verbeteren jouw omzet en resultaat.

That other specialist

We are that other specialist. We provide more sales. We lower your cost of sales.


We market new products for you or improve the position of your existing offerings. We look for new markets for your business. We deliver solutions for smarter marketing and sales.


Even more, those solutions are also adaptive. This allows you to move with your market, even as that market changes.

The most frequently asked questions:

Why do I call Customer Factory?

You call Customer Factory when you have a need to have more profitable customers. Or if your company is going through a change. This could be due to external factors, if the market changes. It can also be internal, as you make new choices for your business. We have been working for more than 20 years for companies looking to change.

What is the Customer Factory Method?

You are ready for our method iI you want to achieve guided growth The more structured a company’s commercial processes are, the more control you have over them. The process begins with the business strategy, mission & vision. We translate these to the market in three machines. You can read more about that here.

How do I sign up for the Academy?

You do that here. Nice that you are interested. We think sharing knowledge is important. We do this with short workshops and some longer master classes.

How does Customer Factory build customers?

We build customers by translating your proposition to the market. We create products for every stage of the customer acquisition process, from positioning to sales. So what products we make depends on what is already there. That’s why we like to take inventory. Based on that inventory, we make a proposal.

Do you have another question for us?

Congratulations. You came up with a new question. Ask it quickly via our contact form or via Whatsapp and we will answer you as soon as possible.

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