Cold acquisition

Old fashioned. We like to do. Quick contact with the market. Target inventory. And expand your network of potential clients.

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Knowledge is power

Is the market up to you? Are you perhaps too early? THE ideal way to pick up buying arguments. To measure where you stand in relation to the competition. Along the way, even score new customers.

Aim well

Looking for specific clients? Cold acquisition is the way to get in the door quickly. Highlight your proposition.

Our promise:

We approach the market with your proposition to find valuable new relationships for your business that can bring assignments to you immediately and over time.

Maximum effective

Don’t whine but polish. Salespeople who go for a purpose. Not for the way there. Supported by experienced assistants.

Knowledge and technology

A mix of hands-on instinct and good desk research. With that, we retrieve information. Who improves your offering. Who separates fact from fiction.

The Sales Machine

Good salespeople don’t run after prospects like a chicken without a head. They do thorough desk research and use all the information obtained through marketing and market research. We do that with the SalesMachine. That way, we enter the battle for the customer well-armed.

Honest about your offer

We hold your offer up to the light. Not for frightened people. We are not soft-hearted healers.

Clear and result-oriented

We flawlessly reveal the weaknesses in your offering. And suggest how to do even better. You have to do something about that. We participate.

“People! listen up!”

Good salespeople don’t talk. They listen. So they can tailor your offerings to the customer. You deliver customization. So do we. So, in addition to the Sales Machine, we also offer sales training, which takes your people to the next level.

Are you ready for cold acquisition?

Ask about Customer Factory’s ability to support your sales and pick up prospects, leads and buckets of market information in a short period of time.

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