The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Discover 20 powerful ChatGPT prompts for content, email, SEO and social media marketing. In the dynamic world of digital marketing, ChatGPT is the key to innovative strategies. Let artificial intelligence help you capture attention, increase engagement and drive conversions through ChatGPT prompts.
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What are prompts?

A “prompt” is an instruction or input given to obtain a particular response, action or result. It is widely used in programming languages, word processors and when interacting with artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT. Prompts are crucial to understanding the algorithm. It is important to choose words carefully and descriptively so that the chat tools understand the instructions accurately. Clearly formulating prompts is essential to communicating effectively with these systems.

How to create effective prompts for ChatGPT?

When communicating with AI, it is important to tell what you mean well and explain clearly what it is about. If you don’t explain the directions properly, the AI may get confused and you may not get the answer you want. Below are some good and bad examples.

Good examples:

  • “Describe how influencer marketing can be integrated into a strategy for launching a new product, with specific focus on identifying appropriate influencers and measuring the success of the campaign.”
  • “Develop a marketing plan for increasing the online visibility of a local business in the hospitality industry, using both social media and search engine optimization (SEO).”

Bad examples:

  • “Write something about advertising.”

This is too vague and provides no direction as to what aspect of advertising should be covered. It can result in a disjointed response.

  • “Tell me all about digital marketing.”

This prompt is too broad and requires a huge range of information. There is a lack of focus on specific aspects of digital marketing, making it difficult to provide a deep and focused response.

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Follow these 4 steps when writing prompts:

To control ChatGPT smoothly and effectively for great results, you can follow some simple steps:

1. Start with some context

Start the conversation by giving some background on what you would like to see from the AI. By doing so, you give ChatGPT a better understanding and improve the quality of its output.

2. Define the task and purpose

Clearly specify the task you want ChatGPT to perform and its intended purpose. This allows the AI to steer itself in the right direction.

3. Define the desired role or tone of ChatGPT

Visualize what tone you want the generated text to have. By indicating this, ChatGPT can adjust its style and create an appropriate marketing text.

4. Ask for alternatives with follow-up questions

If the initial result is not entirely to your liking, do not hesitate to ask for more options by simply saying, “Can you give me some alternatives?” This helps to further refine the output.

Want to learn more about ChatGPT prompts?

Using ChatGPT for marketing in 2024

Nowadays, many people use ChatGPT to work faster and more efficiently, easing the workload. In marketing, this tool can easily help create texts for websites, blogs, social media, emails and so on, among other things….

What are the best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024?

To find out, it was divided into four topics (Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Socialmedia Marketing), with the five best prompts shown for each topic.

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

 1. ChatGPT voor Content Marketing

  • Meta-beschrijvingen schrijven
  • Humor toevoegen aan blogberichten
  • Zinnen herschrijven in de actieve vorm
  • Statistieken toevoegen aan een blogbericht
  • Blogberichten schrijven met SEO

2. ChatGPT voor E-mail Marketing

  • Onderwerpregels voor e-mails schrijven
  • Nieuwsbrieven maken
  • Voor koude e-mail benaderingen
  • Het aantal uitschrijvingen verminderen
  • E-mailmarketingfunnels creëren

3. ChatGPT voor Zoekmachineoptimalisatie (SEO)

  • SEO-audits uitvoeren
  • Distributieplannen maken
  • Blogoverzichten creëren
  • Een lijst met zoekwoorden genereren
  • Een lijst met long-tail-zoekwoorden genereren met zoekintentie

4. ChatGPT voor Socialmedia Marketing

  • Het plannen van een socialemediacampagne
  • Prompts voor Instagram-marketing
  • Prompts voor LinkedIn-marketing
  • Prompts voor advertentiestrategie
  • Socialemediaberichten schrijven

ChatGPT for Content Marketing

Writing meta descriptions

Prompt: “Write a 160-character meta description for the blog post below.”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

A strong meta description is crucial because it is one of the first things your target audience sees on the results page. How do you convince them that your article offers what they are looking for? Right, through the meta description.

It can be challenging to sum up your blog post in less than 160 characters, but this prompt makes it simpler. An excellent meta description gives Google better insight, which determines your ranking.

Adding humor to blog posts

Prompt: “Add some humor to the blog post below.”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Currently, so many websites on the Internet are focusing on various topics and niches at the same time.

Nevertheless, you can stand out from the crowd by adding humor to your blog posts. It can make your blog more relatable to the audience, make your content more entertaining and, more importantly, help you connect with readers. They are more likely to remember a blog that made them laugh.

Finding the right way and the right time to use humor is where the problem arises. But with this prompt, ChatGPT can find the right joke or witty remark and insert it in exactly the right place.

Rewriting sentences in the active form

Prompt: “Rewrite the sentence below in an active form.”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts in marketing for 2024

Writing in an active form has a number of advantages:

  • Clarity and directness: Active sentences are clear and direct, making the message easier to understand.
  • Engagement: Active sentences keep the reader more engaged and make the text more dynamic.
  • Power and conciseness: Active sentences bring power and emphasis while contributing to concise communication.
  • Positive tone: They express action and achievement, which makes the tone of the message more positive.
  • Efficient communication: Active sentences avoid confusion and contribute to direct and efficient communication.

Want to learn more about ChatGPT prompts?

Adding statistics to a blog post

Prompt: “I need statistics from credible reports for a blog post. List {aantal} websites that publish [branche] reports.”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

How do you strengthen the credibility of a blog? There are several methods, but one guaranteed yet affordable step is to add statistics to support your content. Especially if you want to convince readers – statistics turn what could only be your opinion into something that is a factual statement.

Obtaining relevant data from reliable sources is another story. This may take some time, or you may have trouble finding the right reports. But this prompt can quickly provide you with references you can rely on.

Writing blog articles with SEO

Prompt: “I want to write a 1,000-word blog post. Use the structure below to create this post. Your result should adhere to best SEO practices and your tone should be informal and enjoyable.”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Having trouble coming up with your next blog post? We completely understand; it can be challenging to always stay creative.

But you have deadlines to meet, and you can’t just hope for good content. This prompt can do just that. Not only do you have your next post ready to go, but it can also engage ChatGPT to follow the best SEO practices so you can be sure you’re creating a good blog that will stand out. Check out 11 SEO tips for the perfect page here.

ChatGPT for Email Marketing

Writing subject lines for emails

Prompt: “Create marketing copy to make my email marketing campaigns more engaging. The product to be promoted is called X (for example, company, service or organization). Suggest suitable subject lines for a series of Y emails.”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Subject lines are the foundation of email campaigns. If you do them right, you encourage more subscribers to open your emails, read your message and take the necessary action. If you do them wrong, your opening rate drops and it is wasted effort.

Creating newsletters

Prompt: “Create an outline for a weekly newsletter. This is for X (target audience). Be sure to include X [aantal] sections in the outline: a main point, an introduction and a conclusion. Also include a call to action.”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Creating an engaging newsletter becomes a piece of cake. For optimal results, it is advisable to provide an outline in your request. “Using the overview provided, write a newsletter on [onderwerpidee].”

It is important to note that the generated text should not be the final product. Add elements of your own text and make sure it is factual and well-edited.

As for usage scenarios, you can use this prompt for email newsletters announcing an upcoming event, a new product launch, or to inform your audience that offers will soon be available.

You can also ask the AI to proofread. The following prompt works well:

“Please review the following text: [plak de tekst].”

Want to learn more about ChatGPT prompts?

For cold email approaches

Prompt: “Send a cold outbound email to a potential customer for our product X (e.g., organization, company, service or product).”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Are you looking to attract new customers? Sending unsolicited emails is a cost-effective way to increase your reach, generate more leads and boost your sales. But, as with anything in marketing, you have to be careful with such a campaign, especially since you have no pre-existing relationship with these recipients.

This clue will help you draft an unsolicited e-mail to introduce your potential customers in the best possible way. You can also modify this prompt to create a follow-up email.

Reducing the number of disenrollments

Prompt:“List the most common reasons customers unsubscribe from email lists.”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompt for marketing in 2024

Dealing with customers who drop out of email campaigns is no fun. It’s pretty rare for a marketing team not to encounter readers who simply decide they no longer want your emails.

But rest assured, all is not lost. By looking at the most common reasons why people unsubscribe, you can discover where your campaign went wrong, fix it, and get those lost sheep back into the fold.

Creating email marketing tunnels

Prompt: “Create an email marketing funnel for [naam en details van product/dienst].”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Email funnels are a series of strategically designed email campaigns with the goal of nurturing leads and existing customers toward conversions. This prompt helps you tailor your email messages to each stage of the customer journey and target them at the point where they are, so it resonates perfectly.

ChatGPT for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Perform SEO audits

Prompt: “Perform an On-page SEO audit for this web page [URL].”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Performing an on-page SEO audit for your web pages will help you identify and resolve any factors affecting your rankings, the amount of traffic you attract and, most importantly, your conversion rate. In general, SEO audits are essential to the long-term success of your site’s performance.

Some of these factors include duplicate content, poor user experience, broken links and slow loading speeds. Request our website scan here .

Making distribution plans

Prompt: “Establish a plan for content distribution for [URL].”

The 20 ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Of course, you really have created a masterpiece. It will certainly catch on. But if you don’t bring it out properly, all that effort makes little sense. That’s where a content distribution plan comes in.

You use this prompt to distribute content, whether it’s sharing a new e-book or promoting your latest blog post. Publishing great content only gets you so far; a content distribution plan gets the world to notice it.

Want to learn more about ChatGPT prompts?

Creating blog overviews

Prompt: “Create a detailed blog summary on the topic [voeg onderwerptitel in] with H2, H3, subtitles and bullet points.”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

A blog layout helps you structure the main points of your article and determine the most effective way to divide information into readable sections with appropriate headings. In other words, it provides a solid framework for your blog post.

The benefits are that readers are not overloaded with a long, drawn-out piece of text, but rather receive information in manageable chunks. In addition, it benefits search engine optimization (SEO) by organizing your ideas around your most important keywords and eliminating unnecessary trappings from your writing style.

Generate a list of keywords

Prompt: “Generate a list of X [aantal] keyword ideas on the topic [voeg onderwerp toe] for [doelgroep].”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Understanding users’ search intent brings you closer to your target audience’s thought process. However, because people are complex, it is helpful to get help assessing whether they are looking for information or ready to make a purchase.

This prompt allows you to tailor your content to keywords that target those specific intentions, bringing you one step closer to generating new business opportunities, or retaining existing relationships.

Generate a list of long-tail keywords with search intent

Prompt: “Give X [aantal] long-tail keywords related to [onderwerp]. Link each keyword to one of the four types of search intentions.”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Understanding users’ search intent gets you closer to understanding the thoughts of your target audience. Since people are complex, it is necessary to have help in determining whether they are looking for information or ready to make a purchase.

Using this clue, you can tailor your content to keywords that target those specific search intentions, bringing you one step closer to creating new business opportunities – or retaining your existing customers.

ChatGPT for Socialmedia Marketing

Planning a social media campaign

Prompt: “Create a social media campaign calendar for our [productnaam] for a period of [aantal maanden], targeting Y, and list the relevant channels to focus on.”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Planning your social media campaign may seem like a necessary step for any marketer, but why is it actually so crucial?

It offers the opportunity to stand out among the crowd and create an atmosphere where you can build an audience, convert them into leads and guide them through your funnel until they finally make a purchase and become loyal to your product.

It may sound like a challenging task to come up with all this yourself. Fortunately, this prompt helps you streamline that entire process with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Want to learn more about ChatGPT prompts?

Prompts for Instagram marketing

Prompt: “Write a caption for Instagram accompanying a photo of our new X (e.g., service, product, or company).”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

You have the right media. You have the channel. But finding the right words for your caption can be a long, tiresome task, even for just one post. Imagine having to keep that up for a whole month.

A strong Instagram caption can increase your engagement rates, causing the Instagram algorithm to place your content high in users’ feeds. Moreover, captions are excellent for providing context to your images and conveying important information to your followers.

Prompts for LinkedIn marketing

Prompt: “Create a promotional LinkedIn post for the following (e.g., service, product or company), [voeg specifieke details in].”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Want to effectively highlight your business or products on LinkedIn? Using this clue, you can create a catchy LinkedIn post and add specific details about how it should look.

LinkedIn serves as the central platform for thought leadership content. If you want to brand yourself as an expert and reliable source of information in your industry, consider this designation:

“Create a LinkedIn post about X (insert any topic you want here).”

Follow us on LinkedIn

Prompts for advertising strategy

Prompt: “Create an AIDA model for [voeg product of dienst in].”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

Attention/Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. These four elements draw the audience in, arouse their interest in your products/services, make them desirable and prompt the audience to take action (usually, to purchase).

However, given the often somewhat unusual relationship the public has with advertisements, it is crucial to brainstorm non-disruptive, creative ways to highlight your products and services in a positive way. Thanks to this clue, all the details about who your potential customers are and how you approach them are at your fingertips.

Writing social media posts

Prompt: “Create a catchy social media post at [platform] that effectively communicates [hoofdidee]. Give the post a [toon] that matches your target audience, which consists of [doelgroep]. Make sure the content is engaging and concise, and use relevant hashtags to increase visibility.”

The 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024

This prompt can do wonders for creating your social media posts, helping you come up with excellent content in no time. Whether you’re looking for creative ideas, engaging headlines or relevant hashtags, this prompt provides the support you need to strengthen your social media strategy.

Want to learn more about ChatGPT prompts?

Getting Started

I hope I have shared enough information about the 20 best ChatGPT prompts for marketing in 2024. Now it’s up to you to get started. Hopefully it will save you time and stimulate creative ideas!

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