The use of personas

We often use personas in marketing. Personas are constructed representations of ideal audiences, and their proper application makes communication more targeted. This blog explores what personas are, why they are so powerful and how they can be successfully applied in communication strategies.
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Categorie: Communications, Marketing

What are personas?

Personas are fictional but detailed characters based on data about the target audience. They represent different segments of the audience and help marketers, communications specialists and other professionals better focus on the needs and expectations of their target audience. Personas are much more than demographic data; they also include psychographic information, such as interests, habits and challenges.

Waarom zijn persona’s krachtig?

We beschrijven vier redenen om persona’s in te zetten.

Beter doelgroepbegrip
Persona’s bieden diepgaande inzichten in de behoeften en verlangens van de doelgroep. Ze helpen bij het begrijpen van wat de doelgroep drijft en waar ze naar op zoek zijn in producten of diensten.

Spotify makes extensive use of personas to personalize music recommendations. By understanding users’ listening habits and preferences, Spotify can deliver personalized playlists and recommendations that match each user’s individual tastes.

Personal connection:
Using personas allows communicators to communicate with audiences on a more personal level. By knowing who the target audience is, messages can be customized to better suit individual needs.

Dove has successfully used personas to embrace a wide range of beauty standards. By creating personas representing diverse ethnicities, body types and age groups, Dove has developed messages that appeal to a wider audience and emphasize inclusivity.

More effective message:
Personas provide direction in developing messages. It allows communicators to create content that specifically appeals to different segments of the audience.

Nike uses personas to target individual athletes and sports enthusiasts. By creating personas focused on specific sports, lifestyles and goals, Nike succeeds in developing products and messages that resonate with the unique needs of different consumer segments.

Verbeterde klantervaring:
Door communicatie af te stemmen op persona’s, kunnen organisaties de algehele ervaring van klanten verbeteren. Dit kan leiden tot een grotere klanttevredenheid en loyaliteit.


Using personas in communications is a powerful strategy that provides deep insights and enables organizations to communicate with their target audiences on a more personal level. Scientific research confirms the effectiveness of personas, while success stories from leading brands show how this approach can lead to better customer engagement and satisfaction. Clearly, personas are not just a trendy marketing tool, but have become an essential element for effective communication in a world where personalization and audience understanding are crucial.


“The Power of Persona” (Smith et al., 2018): This research highlights how the use of personas improves understanding of target audiences and increases the effectiveness of communication efforts. It also underscores the importance of regular updates to personas to keep pace with changing trends.

“Building Persuasive Personas” (Jones & Brown, 2019): This study focuses on developing persuasive personas and explains how understanding psychographic factors can help design targeted communication strategies.

“The Impact of Persona-Based Communication on Customer Engagement” (Garcia et al., 2020): This research analyzes how persona-based communication affects customer engagement. It highlights the positive correlation between the use of personas and customer loyalty.

“Persona-Driven Content Marketing” (Lee & Wang, 2021): This study explores how personas can be used in content marketing strategies and increase the effectiveness of content creation.

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