Why is email marketing so effective? Here are 5 points

In recent years, many methods have been added to do your online and offline marketing. Let's have it or 1 of the old online ways. Email marketing, among all the strategies companies use to sell online or generate leads (SEO, social media, content, ads, adwords, email), where do you think email marketing stands in its use and effectiveness? At the bottom? Or somewhere in the middle?
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Most think that email marketing is out of date, and is generally and spam strategy and towards the end of its existence. And that new methods such as social media and mobile marketing are taking their place, where a lot of money is currently being put into.

Yet despite its age and negative image, email marketing is still 1 of the strongest ROI (return on investment) channels that marketers use. Below is a chart that shows which methods are effective vs the difficulty of execution.

Email marketing finite? As shown above, it is 1 of the most important sources for generating leads. Only, the way of deployment and use has changed a lot over the years especially with the rise of all mobile devices. And once you have a target audience and the right contacts, email is 1 of the best tools to approach them.

Why is email marketing still so effective after all these years?

1. It is more targeted than the other options.

An up to date email database is created from the most recent and potential customers or audiences you want to target, should it not be an existing database, there are often options to purchase a database selected by target audience and region that you can then target with a customized email. 1 of our tools does exactly the above take a look at our SalesMachine. No other channel can target potential customers so specifically, making email marketing 1 of the most employable channels to invest in.

2. The technology is quite complicated but the implementation is not.

There are many email tools on the market that have fully evolved with the times, and using them is not difficult. Whereas with the others, it often takes a lot of time and has to be kept up daily. Just do not underestimate that in doing so, it is very important to know the right target group and that the contacts are correctly selected and or collected. And more importantly follow up after a mailing is done.

3. It combines well with the other methods.

Because email marketing can be fully timed, you can use it to reinforce other methods. For example, you can promote an event through a mailing and ensure that contacts come directly to the website to sign up. This will also immediately bring more visitors to the website and chances are they will not only sign up for the event but also look further.

4. 1 of the cheaper methods.

You will think because it is still 1 of the best methods that it is also 1 of the most expensive. But however this is not so, once 1 the right target group and contacts are in the system you can of course keep repeating email. But of course just sending email is not enough you naturally want to follow up on contacts who have taken action. Personal selling fits this very well. If you look at the total budgets spent on digital marketing, it is often less than 10% for email marketing. While often more is put into other methods and less ROI (return on investment) comes out of it.

5. Very good for reaching mobile users.

More and more is read on mobile devices, currently an average of 40% of email is read on mobile devices. And like social media, email is viewed multiple times a day (often several times an hour). But relative to social media posts that eventually disappear in the timeline, emails remain until the user has taken action. And is likely to be seen!
Email these days can also be made completely responsive this means it can be read properly on any device.

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