The roadmap for 2024

It's that time of year again when we look ahead to what the next year has in store. Plans have been forged, budgets have been prepared, and hopefully you've already set your budget for 2024. Everything is set for a great year, and we are ready! So, what specifically are we going to focus on in 2024?
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The world is changing rapidly. Old economic principles no longer apply, and cycles are succeeding each other at an increasingly rapid pace. We see it as an exciting challenge, together with you the client, to once again be at the forefront in 2024. We have listed the five most important trends for 2024 and our response to them.

AI in the spotlight

Over the past year, artificial intelligence (AI) has made huge strides. Innovations follow each other in rapid succession, and keeping up with it all is a chore. AI opens doors to countless possibilities, but it also brings challenges: It is too often not distinctive. Chat GPT is a valued employee, but he needs a boss. That’s why we have a new role: the AI manager. It monitors the market, develops products and – very importantly – separates fact from fiction.

Generation Boomer, Millennial and Gen Z

After the rise of millennials, we are now seeing Gen Z entering the professional world. For us and our clients, this means communicating in a different way. How do you reach a generation with a short attention span, who communicate more in images than in words and effortlessly distinguish real from fake? We take on this challenge, together with you, because ultimately they will become your customers after all.

New audiences

While many companies have a clear vision of their market, we find that increasingly our added value lies in translating that vision into concrete marketing and communications goals. This gives us, and you, room to design the execution as efficiently as possible. This hybrid form of collaboration leads to sharper proposals and allows our clients to notice and respond to changes in the market earlier.

Operational execution in the spotlight

The job market is tight, especially in commerce and marketing. To fill this gap, we are increasingly seconding our professionals to companies to provide temporary or structural support. In many SMEs, marketing is not a full-time position. By taking on this role a few half-days a week, you can save on labor costs and still benefit from the knowledge and experience of professionals.

Knowledge Sharing 3.0

Our visitors greatly appreciate us for the knowledge we share. While knowledge sharing is not a revenue model, we understand that it helps us reach prospects. Therefore, we diversify the knowledge we share. In addition to operational knowledge, we now offer strategic insights for managers and executives and are working on a full digital version of our academy.

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