How do you recruit candidates for your vacancy?

A staffing agency has two main commercial sides: developing careers for professionals and providing quality staff to organizations. It is important to understand the unique needs of professionals and organizations. Companies and candidates are becoming more discerning. That requires personalized solutions. Fortunately, we can automate these well, reducing the workload for your intercessors and recruiters.
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Find out in this article how marketing automation simplifies candidate recruiting for secondment and H&S specialists. Learn how to use marketing automation to optimize the candidate journey, build relationships with automated workflows and improve conversion with optimized landing pages. Find out how automation in Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) leads to targeted communications, more efficient application processes and nurturing talent pools for future job openings. Take your recruiting efforts to the next level with marketing automation.

How Marketing Automation simplifies candidate sourcing for secondment and H&S specialists

By applying marketing automation in the recruitment process, you will take your candidate recruitment to the next level. By optimizing the candidate journey, managing candidate relationships and using automation in CRM, you can attract, convert and retain successful candidates. This results in a more efficient recruitment process, higher quality candidates and improved candidate experience.

As a staffing or recruiting specialist, you understand the importance of attracting qualified candidates and recruiting efficiently. In the modern world of recruitment, marketing automation plays an increasingly important role in streamlining the recruitment process and reaching the right audience. In this blog, we share how you can apply marketing automation to recruit successful candidates and take your recruiting efforts to the next level.

Want to learn more about marketing automation?

Optimizing your candidate journey

To recruit candidates effectively, you need to understand and optimize their journey. Marketing automation helps you every step of this journey.

Creating awareness with personalized content

Marketing automation allows you to deliver personalized content to potential candidates, piquing their interest and creating awareness. Through targeted emails, social media posts and relevant content on your website, you can inform potential candidates about your secondment or S&S services and attract them with valuable information. Want to learn more about creating personalized content? Click here.

Building relationships with automated workflows

Marketing automation allows you to set up automated workflows that strengthen relationships with candidates. By sending automated emails based on specific actions or behaviors of candidates, you can build a personalized and consistent communication. This helps you build trust and keep candidates engaged throughout the hiring process.

How do we set up Marketing Automation for you?

Improve conversion rates with optimized landing pages

An essential part of successful recruiting is converting interested candidates to applicants. Marketing automation makes it possible to create optimized landing pages tailored to specific audiences. Download our guide to creating perfect landing pages. By combining engaging content, clear call-to-action buttons and a user-friendly experience, you can increase candidate-to-applicant conversion rates.

Download the guide to perfect landing pages

The usefulness of automation in Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)

Marketing automation also offers valuable benefits in managing relationships with candidates throughout the hiring process.

Lead scoring and segmentation for targeted communications

With marketing automation, you can apply lead scoring and segmentation to categorize candidates based on their interest, skills and behavior. This allows you to set up targeted communications and offer relevant job postings, updates or events to the right candidates at the right time. This increases the chances of a successful match and improves the candidate experience.

Efficient application process with automatic follow-up

Marketing automation allows you to make the application process more efficient with automatic follow-up. By setting up automated emails after receiving an application, you can keep candidates informed about the progress of their application and provide a positive experience even if there is no immediate match. This strengthens your employer brand and increases the likelihood that candidates will show interest again in the future.

Nurturing talent pools for future job openings

With marketing automation, you can create talent pools and actively nurture them. By regularly sending valuable content and updates to candidates who are not currently qualified for a specific job opening, you keep them engaged and build a relationship for future opportunities. This saves you time and effort in future recruiting efforts because you have already built a pool of interested candidates.

Learn how Marketing Automation from Customer Factory works and if it’s for your organization? Then request a free demo!

Want to know if your organization is ready for Marketing Automation yet? Then read our blog on the four pitfalls.

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