A job posting is not a threatening letter

The average company writes abysmally bad job ads. And most websites look like it's especially not fun to join an organization. If this does not apply to your business, you could skip this blog. You probably don't have any major personnel problems. But there is a chance that you are still looking for good workers. And we can make sure that potential employees enjoy coming to talk to you.
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For clarity. We’re not going to find those new employees for you. We can, however, make sure that potential employees enjoy coming to talk to you. After all, it is always better when people approach you for a new job. We do that with Employer Branding.

I laid it on a bit thick above, but if you like it I’d be happy to let you read my collection of toe-curling job postings. I have enough for a cozy drink and they are all really published.


Don’t scare people off.

Writing an engaging job posting is the first step in attracting potential candidates. These texts are the first introduction to potential candidates and play a major role in attracting new talent that fits the organization. It is important to focus on what the company can do for the new employee and why exactly the company needs this new talent.

What is to be gained from your company?

A good job posting should highlight the benefits and value the company offers to potential new colleagues. Examples include an inspiring work environment, opportunities for personal growth and development, challenging projects and innovative work cultures. By naming these aspects, you give potential candidates a clear picture of what to expect and how they can benefit from working with your organization.

Why are you eager to engage new talent?

In addition to highlighting the benefits for the new employee, it is essential to also communicate why exactly the company is looking for this new talent. Describe the role the new employee will play in achieving company goals, driving growth and enhancing competitiveness. Demonstrate that the company values the contribution and unique talent of each employee, and how this fits within the organization’s broader mission and vision.

Why is working for you more fun?

An effective job posting should also highlight the company’s distinguishing factors. What makes your organization unique? Is it the innovative work environment, the flat organizational structure, the collaboration with leading clients, or perhaps the opportunities for international experience? Identify and communicate these unique aspects that set your organization apart from other employers. This not only attracts the attention of potential candidates, but also helps attract talent who feel connected to the core values and company culture.

By highlighting what the company has to offer to new employees and why exactly the company is looking for this new talent, you create a job posting that appeals to potential candidates and sparks interest. It is the first step in attracting talent that adds value to the organization and contributes to its long-term success.


Create an attractive website and use social media.

In addition to writing compelling job postings, an attractive website is essential to attract potential new colleagues.

– Choose a modern and user-friendly web design.

– Use professional photos, engaging graphics and intuitive navigation to enhance the visitor experience.

– Create a dedicated career page on your website where you can post job openings and showcase the company culture. Make sure this page is easily accessible from the home page.

– Get current employees talking to give an authentic picture of working at your organization. This can take the form of testimonials, videos or blogs in which employees share their experiences.

– Make sure your website is responsive and functions well on mobile devices. More and more people are using their smartphones to look up information, so a mobile-friendly website is essential.

What else can you do to make working for you attractive?

Effective employer branding starts with writing better job postings and having an attractive website. By writing clear and engaging job postings and creating a website that reflects the company culture and growth opportunities, you increase your chances of attracting talent that fits your organization. And of course, if you want to spar about that, we are always ready to improve that communication.

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