The importance of sales and marketing for the manufacturing industry

In the Dutch manufacturing industry, the focus is often on product development, technical expertise and innovation. In the process, sales and marketing are sometimes overlooked or considered less important. In this blog, we discuss why sales and marketing are essential for technical manufacturing companies and refute some common misconceptions.
Auteur: Erik Camman
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Sales and marketing play a crucial role in the success of tech companies. And often do not get the attention they deserve. After all, we are making beautiful products. Still, marketing and sales help bring those products to the attention of your target audience. Curious about what the marketing and sales process looks like? Click here.

Customer focus and value creation

Sales and marketing translate customer needs and wants into valuable products and services. Through effective market research and customer-centric approaches, your manufacturing company will stay ahead of the competition and create added value for your customers.

”It is time to break the preconceptions about sales and marketing within the manufacturing industry and recognize that these functions are strategically important for growth and success. By integrating sales and marketing into your business strategy, you will increase your potential in the ever-changing business environment.”

Erik Camman

Senior communications consultant, Customer Factory

Increasing market share

Well-crafted communication is essential for increasing market share and attracting new customers: It helps identify the right target audience, build relationships with potential customers and convince them to choose the manufacturing company’s products or services.

Brand building and positioning

Sales and marketing play a crucial role in building a tech company’s brand and positioning. Effective brand strategies and marketing campaigns increase awareness , it strengthens your image and customer trust.

This is what the marketing and sales process looks like

Preconceptions about sales and marketing

I hear a lot of them. These are the most common biases that I regularly get to refute:

"Technical superiority is enough"

A common misconception is that the technical superiority of a product is in itself sufficient to guarantee success. Having an excellent product is important, but without proper sales and marketing efforts, the product cannot reach its full potential. Customers must be convinced of the benefits and value the product offers.

"Sales and marketing are costs"

Another bias is that sales and marketing activities are considered cost items, rather than investments in growth and development. By viewing these functions as valuable investments, you increase your growth potential and strengthen your competitive position.

"Technical manufacturing companies don't need marketing"

I regularly hear from decision makers within manufacturing companies thinking that marketing is not relevant to their business because they focus on B2B markets or because they have found that their products sell themselves. This is a dangerous misconception. Effective marketing helps generate demand, build relationships with customers and create a competitive advantage.

How it’s made

Well, now that you’ve decided that marketing and sales are valuable to your business, start taking the steps to organize that. Of course, you consider yourself a specialist, so the best thing you can do is hire another specialist (e.g., Customer Factory) to do that. We’re happy to do that, but for it to be successful, it helps if we include the points below when developing your communications strategy.

Sparring on marketing and sales process

Strategic integration

Sales and marketing must be strategically integrated into the business process. They must work closely with other departments, such as R&D and operations.

Talent Development

Attracting and developing talented sales and marketing professionals is essential. You need to invest in training and development to build the necessary skills and knowledge. Fortunately, we offer several workshops in this regard. Click here to learn more about the workshops we offer.

Data-driven approach

Data is important. They confirm what you already know or they provide new insights. Using data and analytics helps identify trends, understand customer behavior and optimize your sales and marketing strategy. By making data-driven decisions, you strengthen your competitive position.

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