The 7 phases of the purchase model

Sales is an expensive business for many companies. Time is lost in interactions with people who are not yet ready to buy. To make the sales process effective, you want to know what stage your prospects are in so you can have salespeople and marketers do their work at the right time. In this blog, we describe how to see what stage your (potential) customers are in.
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The 7 phases

In 7 phases it is possible to explain how the customer journey develops. At 1 a need arises, at 5 you get the order and at 7 the customer shouts your name from the roof; he is so satisfied with your service that he has become an ambassador for your company. Between 2 and 4 is the orientation phase. At this stage, a prospect is looking for a solution to his problem or fulfillment of his need. This means he is searching for information. Based on the knowledge gained, a customer will eventually want to seek the advice of a specialist. THE opportune time to come to the table. This provides you with an opportunity to add value in the form of expertise and gives you time to build a relationship. If at stage 5 the order is given then after-sales begins. Based on his satisfaction and your good care to deliver a perfect product or service, the customer will start recommending you in his network. And how nice is that?

“At 1 a need arises, at 5 you get the order, and at 7 the customer screams your name off the roof.”

  1. a SUSPECT has no problem and is not looking for a solution.
  2. A PROSPECT has a problem and seeks a solution.
  3. A LEAD is looking for a solution that you can deliver.
  4. a HOTLEAD is looking for your solution.
  5. a CUSTOMER buys your solution.
  6. a returning customer buys your solution again.
  7. an AMBASSADUR tells others to be with you.

Want to know more?

Make phases measurable with Marketing Automation

This all sounds very complicated and laborious. And yes, sales is just that. Fortunately, due to smart developments in IT, there are solutions that make this process easier and measurable. Marketing Automation is a way to automate communication at all stages of the buying process. You make sure the right communication goes out to your customer or prospect for each stage. Based on his own interaction online (social media, email campaigns, blogs, vlogs, etc.), this system will identify what stage the prospect is in. By building in smart triggers, the lead is routed to sales at the right time and you are at the table at the right time. Applying this method structurally will ultimately increase conversion rates, increase sales and reduce customer acquisition costs. This sounds almost too good to be true. Yet I know from experience that it works.

“Fortunately, through smart developments in IT, there are solutions that facilitate this process as well as make it measurable.”

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