Now that we are our own principal for once

There are those moments when you experience how your clients feel when you put their new website live. In the months before, you will be busy together developing the strategy, working it out into images and talking a lot with clients and prospects.
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After all, you build a website not for the client, but for its customers. This time I am the client and you, readers, are our (future) clients.

Customer journey

So after we have extensively worked out the customer journey, identified the buying motives and inventoried the needs, a new site emerges that should entice you to not only come and get information, but also recognize the added value of our proposition and, ultimately, give us a commission to get more return from your commercial process.

This is always based on personal contact. After all, we’re not a webshop; we deliver services at the heart of your organization. Through our personal pages, you can easily schedule a time slot with us at a time that is most convenient for you. The one-and-a-half-meter society is leading us to increasingly use Zoom, Meet and Teams to communicate.

If you have something to say you have to listen

We listened carefully to our customers, who often come with the feedback that they got more than they expected. That’s good there for aftersales, but we also like to show that to organizations we don’t yet do business with. We have expanded our product sheets, described our services more clearly and, which I personally am very happy about, written out cases showing what we have accomplished for our clients over the past few years.

Practical Content

On the revamped website, we publish even more short, practical content that directors and managers can use immediately. No woolly stories, but straightforward. We hope that this content will get you thinking and make you see that there are solutions to the commercial challenges your organization faces. That a good mix of experience and new insights will lead to your organization also having a regular influx of new clients and a growing relationship with your existing clients.

Request feedback

Whereas building a Web site used to be a project, it has now become more of a process, where putting the site live is a key moment, but maintenance and adjustments are regular topics of conversation. We have already found the first areas for improvement and invite everyone to provide feedback to make it even better. With us now, I hope and expect that you’ll get to the information you’re looking for even faster and that the answers will help you foment the questions we like to answer: How does my business achieve better sales and results?

Wil je meer weten?

Dat kan. Stel jouw vraag via ons contactformulier en we geven je zo snel mogelijk antwoord.

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