How do you recruit good colleagues?

We get the question more often: As my company grows (sometimes with our contribution), how do I get good people? For this we use the professional term "employer branding. 7 things you can do to recruit good colleagues.
Auteur: Erik Camman
Categorie: Communications

Attracting new staff requires a well-thought-out strategy that matches the values, aspirations and expectations of this talent pool. Advice from our chatbot Kim and seven steps to find that quality employee.

Build a strong employer brand

Create a positive and attractive brand image that connects with young technical graduates. Highlight the company culture, values and mission to show why your company is the place to work.

Offer competitive compensation and benefits

Ensure that primary and secondary benefits are competitive within the industry. Match the needs of your people with benefits such as flexible working hours, remote working and opportunities for career growth.

Create a diverse and inclusive work environment

Ok, Boomer! Young people value diversity and inclusion. Make sure your business is a welcoming and inclusive place where people from diverse backgrounds can thrive.
Learn more about diversity in your organization here.

Provide learning and development opportunities

Young people are eager to learn and develop their skills. Offer training programs, mentorship and opportunities for professional growth to attract them.

Make good use of social media

Use social media platforms to showcase your company culture, employee benefits and job opportunities. This works both ways, because your potential customers also like to see this. Engage with your target audience and respond to comments and questions.

Participate in industry events

Your next specialist takes care of his own development. Visit job fairs, hackathons and other industry events to connect with young technical graduates. There you can present your company and network with potential candidates.

Have impact

Young graduates enjoy the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. Highlight the impact your business is making and the community initiatives you are involved in.

If you read it carefully you will see that you are actually taking the same steps you need to take to acquire new customers. By looking at new employees this way, you attract young graduates to build a strong talent pool for the future.

Want to discuss your Employer Branding further? Then contact Erik Camman for a scan and learn how attractive your company is to potential employees.

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