To include or exclude video in an email

Embedding a video in an email can be an attractive idea because it adds an interactive element that can engage recipients more effectively. However, there are both pros and cons to consider before you decide to embed a video in an email.
Auteur: Erik Camman
Categorie: Communications, Marketing


While embedding videos in emails can be attractive and effective, it is important to weigh the benefits against the potential drawbacks. In this blog, we name them both to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to include videos in your emails.


Benefits of video in an E-mail:

Increased Engagement:

Videos can capture the viewer’s attention more effectively than plain text or static images, potentially resulting in higher engagement.

Enhanced Communication:

Videos can convey complex information, ideas or emotions more effectively than text alone, allowing you to communicate your message more clearly.


Videos can add a personal touch to your communication, creating a stronger bond between you and the recipient.

Telling Stories:

Videos offer the opportunity for dynamic storytelling, allowing you to present a story in a more engaging way.


Disadvantages of Embedding a Video in an Email:

Problems with Delivery:

Some e-mail clients or spam filters may block or restrict e-mails with embedded videos, causing your e-mail not to be delivered or marked as spam.

Display issues:

Different email clients and devices can process embedded videos differently, which can lead to display problems or broken videos.

Charge time:

Videos can increase email load time, which can lead to frustration for recipients with slow Internet connections.


Embedded videos may be inaccessible to users who rely on screen readers or have visual impairments.

Privacy concerns:

Embedded videos can track recipients’ interactions (e.g., whether they played the video), which can raise privacy concerns.


Best Advice:

Consider Alternative Methods:

Instead of embedding videos directly, use an attractive thumbnail image with a play button that links to a destination page where the video can be viewed. This can circumvent problems with delivery and display.

Use a Strong Call to Action (CTA):

If you choose to embed a video or use a thumbnail image, make sure you have a clear and enticing CTA that encourages recipients to click and watch.

Mobile Responsiveness:

Make sure your email design, including videos, is responsive and optimized for mobile devices.


Before sending an email campaign with lots of videos, test it thoroughly on different email clients and devices to ensure proper display and functionality.


If you record videos, include alternative text and consider adding a textual description of the video content for users who cannot view the video.

Balanced Content:

Remember that not all recipients have the time or inclination to watch a video. Make sure the main message of your email is also conveyed through text and images.

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