How do I acquire new customers?

Digitization has changed the business landscape more in a few years than in all the centuries before. Sales as a profession has not changed; after all, people still do business with people but the path to the order has evolved and technology and online retrieval of information has made certain steps in the sales process different.
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On the one hand, this makes information more accessible, allowing you as a salesperson to better prepare yourself before you pick up the phone. However, the market has also become much more transparent which has also made it easy for clients to obtain information outside of your advice. This results in higher sales costs and lower customer loyalty. That’s why it’s essential to make your proposition well defined, so you know who wants to do business with you, but especially who does not (often this group is many times larger than your actual prospects, or potential customer).

Sales; a matter of learning and doing.

The theory is clear, however: How do I connect with new customers? An easy question with a difficult answer. If we are to believe the books on sales, sales is a profession that can be learned and if you follow the theory, as described, then the road to success is a straight one without obstacles. Surely everyone in this field of work experiences this just a little differently. A sales trainer, coach, or guru will be able to provide every possible handle, the one thing that is never considered in this is the customer. Being able to acquire new customers is a specialty that has a deep foundation in character and thus is different for each person. Sales cannot be learned from a book; sales is a matter of learning and doing. That said, there are several methods for doing this more efficiently.
Sales must increase and the number of customers must expand substantially: It’s time for acquisition. The very word, even for many seasoned account managers, makes the hairs on the back of their necks stand up. Most commerçants are cuddly animals, and so the thought of rejection in an acquisition interview is terrifying. Fortunately, there is hope, because in the 20s of this century, an acquisition conversation is rarely about direct sales, but about establishing relationships that can add value to each other in the future.
That the telephone is the tool of choice for this is indisputable, but other methods are also perfect for this purpose. Visit a trade show or networking event. But before we pick up the phone, there are a few steps that are going to help address this better and more successfully.
Now that the first contact has been made and you are approaching new customers, you can determine your value proposition by responding intelligently to the needs of your target audience. A value proposition is the solution you offer with your product or service to fill a need with the potential customer. The prospect goes through several stages before it proceeds to a purchase. For each phase, you develop specific content. Based on the prospect’s reading and clicking behavior, it shifts in the sales funnel. By cleverly deploying marketing automation we gain insights into prospects’ online behavior and can define the opportune time to schedule an appointment, make an offer and write up the job.
If all media channels, your communications and marketing are in line with your proposition then acquiring new customers has already become a lot easier. Of course, bringing in new clients and acquiring new assignments is still people work. For this, there are several techniques through which you maintain control over the new customer’s buying decision. Therefore, continue to regularly train and coach on sales skills. As a result, your sales funnel will not become disproportionately large, but will accurately reflect all the opportune sales that will actually come in now or in the future. By continuously updating your commercial strategy testing , measure and adjust it, you will be able to acquire new customers better, easier and ultimately cheaper.

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