What type are you?

You communicate with your (internal) customers. You do that in your own way. It is good to have an understanding of your own attitude. Maybe even in the attitude of your interlocutor.
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Ryals and Davies researched this. They see eight types.
We name them. Telling what their characteristics are. Where their opportunities and pitfalls lie. To find the answer to the question, What type are you?

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Experts communicate best. They easily keep their interlocutor happy, have a lot of knowledge and score well on all skills. Selling seems to come fairly naturally to this group. Experts are also good as trainers and mentors because they are proficient in every skill. Yet experts also have a concern: They must pay constant attention to their interlocutor and ensure that they remain well attuned to their interlocutor’s level of knowledge.

Closers often secure a number of large deals and this group is more likely to sell products than services. They can easily parry objections, but can also come across as slippery which can put some people off. They are generally better at selling products than services. To better sell services, this type needs to be trained to use empathy more in their conversations.

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Consultants are good listeners and solve problems easily to meet their interlocutor’s needs. However, they tend to take a fairly one-dimensional view and do not take full advantage of the skills to complete an inventory, make a clear agreement and secure the relationship into the future. Consultants can grow into experts, but to do so they must be trained to approach and increase customer interaction.

Storytellers are very focused on sending messages and tell long stories and case studies.

As a result, they themselves find their conversations very enjoyable, but find it difficult to achieve a goal.

People with this communication style are less results-oriented and need to be trained on completing conversations and listening more to their interlocutor’s needs.

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This type knows everything about their product and names every detail of it. It is unfortunate, though, that sw sometimes forget that they also have an interlocutor. They do listen to the real need and respond accordingly.

The focuser needs to be trained in listening skills and becoming more confident. It’s best to let go of a conversation once and see what happens.

Aggressors believe in the product and clearly name all the benefits. They see every conversation as a negotiation, preferably over price. The so-called “hard sell” technique. A technique that is quite unpopular and rightly so. Of all the eight types we describe here, this one fits only an organization that communicates respectfully. Aggressors must be trained in market knowledge and become more aware of their behavior.

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Product specialists

They know the product and market well, but often stick to standard scripts than actually respond to the needs of their interlocutors.

This type enjoys learning communication skills.

Socializers come across as nice and talk easily about small talk. However, they forget that their conversation must also sometimes lead to an outcome. A socializer can come back again and again, and each time it is enjoyable.

A socializer can use some help from those around him or her to get to the heart of the conversation.

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These were all eight of them. I hope you recognize yourself a in one of the archetypes. And then start acting on it. In fact, Ryals and Davies also measured which types are most successful. It is striking how, with little effort, you can master those skills. Want to know more about that? Then contact us via the whatsapp button on the right side of this page.

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