What kind of website do I need?

Many also think they are there then. They have a website so they are well marketed, right? No, generally they don't know what kind of websites are out there and what kind of website best suits their industry.
Auteur: Eric Neeteson Lemkes
Categorie: Marketing
Therefore, this article with what kinds of websites there are and what industries generally use them.

I have listed five different websites below. These are generally the most common websites. So keep in mind that it’s smarter to figure something out here than to reinvent the wheel.

Websites focused on sales (web shops/catalogs)

These websites are mainly there to sell products. As soon as you land on one of these websites, you immediately see the deals jumping across your screen. Just like when you buy in a physical store, you see a lot of pitching on the marketing.

Lead generation websites

The purpose of this type of website is to generate orders. The main function is to request a quote or at least contact the company behind the website. In doing so, you will often see a phone number and email address in the header as well as large buttons that scream to contact them. A good example is the website of the hiring agent.

Branded websites

A brand-oriented website focuses mainly, as the name suggests, on making the brand itself better known. Everything that happens on the website has the goal of making the brand better known. This focuses on how people experience the brand, what people think of the brand and how people value the brand. We do not currently have a good example of this, will you be the first?

Portfolio websites

Portfolio websites are generally taken by custom stores and used by developers. These websites then generally include somewhat larger banner sliders and nicely designed blocks of images. Through the portfolio, the owners then try to persuade the customer to come to the physical store. A great example is the Mulder fashion website.

Informational/Service websites

Informational/service websites are primarily focused on online customer service. This can be accomplished in various ways, namely through a help deck, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions ), Realtime chat function and still other ways of digital communication. Nowadays, you also see in this that more and more companies are starting to have a “Whatsappdesk,” or help desk via whatsapp. This is mainly the service part. You additionally have the websites with many large pieces of text regarding a particular topic for informational purposes. A great example of this is the NIL site.

Now of course this does not mean that you necessarily have to follow any of the above models, you can also combine them just fine! In this we can give you excellent guidance. This is then done through a personal interview.

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