Sales and Marketing work together within Account Based Marketing

Anyone who looks at the fields of Marketing and Sales over the years will see that there is a traditional battle between the two fields. Smaller companies tend to be sales driven and within larger companies there is almost always a healthy tension between "them of sales" and "them of marketing."
Auteur: Erik Camman
Categorie: Marketing, Sales

In the changing landscape in which B2B companies operate, we see that good marketing tools are becoming profitable even for smaller companies. This creates an opportunity to take traditional marketing and constructively align Marketing and Sales through Account Based Marketing. Account Based Marketing has five benefits.

Account Based Marketing makes a valuable contribution to lowering your sales costs and improves your marketing performance.

1. Closer collaboration of Marketing and Sales

ABM is a bridging method in which Marketing and Sales work together. Sales has the customer knowledge, knows who is responsible for what and which people influence the decision makers. Marketing understands the market, both the market in which you are present and the market in which the customer is present, in order to support Sales with the latest developments.

2. You discover more relevant information at key accounts

To deploy Account Based Marketing successfully, you must have basic key account information. What does an organization’s organizational chart look like? Who are the decision makers? What opportunities and threats does a key account see? With this information to have, you (along with your key account) create a time plan to contribute to their success.

3. More valuable relationships with key accounts

By being proactive with a key account and working together on their bottom line, you get a better relationship. Instead of a salesman role, you get an advisor role. This causes key accounts to come to you for advice more often.

4. A higher ROI on key accounts

Because you know the opportunities, threats and needs of a key account, you can see more quickly where the sales opportunities lie. Because you respond to need faster and better, you get more out of your investment.

5. Better returns from Marketing and Sales

As Marketing and Sales invest their time in better-performing customers, their value-added increases; as they see more immediate results from their efforts, they become more motivated. Thus, ABM also produces even more satisfied employees.

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