How do I communicate with the next generation?

It is a question of every generation. And now we have Gen Z, which is now almost 30% of your target audience. How do we reach them?
Auteur: Erik Camman
Categorie: Communications, Marketing

We know: Young people can no longer read, have short attention spans and are hard to reach by traditional means. So much for the Boomers. What we also know is that young people are processing information faster and faster and have learned to research on their own. Time to take a look at how to engage with them.

Communicating with Gen Z is similar to communicating with any other age group. There are a few key differences to consider. Five tips for communicating effectively with Gen Z:

Use digital channels

Generation Z is the first generation to grow up with widespread access to the Internet and social media. They prefer to communicate through digital channels. Use social media, messaging apps and other online platforms to communicate with them.

Keep it short

Gen Z has grown up with a constant stream of information and is used to consuming content quickly. They prefer shorter, more concise messages that get to the point. Only when they are really interested and looking for depth do they start reading blogs and papers like this one. Take a cue from the video below.

Use visual aids

Gen Z is more visually oriented than previous generations, so using images, videos and other visual aids helps make the message more engaging and effective.

Be authentic

Gen Z values authenticity and transparency, so it is important to communicate sincerely and honestly.

Be open to feedback

Generation Z is used to being able to share their thoughts and opinions online, so they may be more open to giving feedback. Encourage open communication and be willing to listen to and consider their ideas and perspectives.

And what should that content meet?

Use memes and GIFs

Gen Z loves to share and create memes and GIFs. These are short, visually appealing pieces of content that often use humor to convey a message. Using memes and GIFs in communication helps to make the message more appealing and recognizable.

Short, concise messages

As mentioned earlier, Gen Z is used to processing information quickly and prefers shorter, more concise messages that get to the point. BREAKING!

Personalized content

Gen Z values authenticity and individuality. Personalized content that piques their interest appeals to them.

Interactive content

Generation Z is used to interacting with content online, so incorporating interactive elements into your communications, such as polls, quizzes or games, is a great way to engage this generation.

Authentic storytelling

Gen Z appreciates real, authentic stories, so by sharing stories that are genuine and relatable, you’ll connect with this generation faster.

If you consider it correctly, it is not a new way of communicating, but a different way. If you look at the way you communicate with Gen Z you learn that it’s actually personal communication that you translate into, mainly digital, touchpoints. With that in mind, you create lyrics that connect with the next generation.

How do you write a blog for Gen Z?

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