Choice of websites: WordPress with Divi Builder

We create websites. For more complex products we provide customization, for most commercial sites we choose Wordpress with Divi Builder.
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Every project is different. That’s why we use multiple platforms to build websites. Sometimes we choose WordPress. Customer Factory uses Divi as a builder for WordPress websites. We have a number of reasons for this.

Three reasons why we use the Divi Builder for WordPress websites

1. Customers love the Divi Builder

This is the main reason why we use the Divi Builder. We have been designing and building websites for 15 years. I remember the days when we had to code every page with html. Making customer changes was always a problem. And every time the customer wanted a change, we had to do it for them. WordPress was a godsend for clients who do their own maintenance. Customers could now update their own sites. Check out some of our websites here.

Working in the backend of a Web site is cluttered

The only problem with the first generation of WordPress sites was that we had to use custom fields and creating interesting layouts still took a lot of development time. And to be 100% honest, only a few of our clients were able to navigate the CMS. With the Divi Builder, our customers can now easily click on the actual page and make changes. I think this is a winner for customers because they can see and click where they want to edit. No more searching the dashboard for the pieces of content they want to update.

With Divi, you know exactly what a page looks like

Divi calls it the power of direct visual web design, and it really is great. We now generally just have a short handover call to introduce the customer to the Divi Builder and they are all set to get started on their own.

2. Divi speeds up development time

Being able to save and reuse Divi layouts is best for Web designers using the Divi Builder. We are busy expanding our Divi layout library. Most sites have similar features, for example, call-to-actions and team (people) sections. It makes no sense to recreate these layouts for each new site. All we do is import library items and update the styles, images and content.

Divi has a large community of developer and designers

What’s even more cool about Divi layouts is the huge community of Divi developers and designers. You can Google around and find free and premium Divi layouts that other designers and developers have created in advance. Not only do you often get a free Divi layout, but you can reuse their design and see how they made it.

The Divi Builder also comes with automatic saving. Let me tell you that there is nothing more annoying than a disconnect and losing all your work. The Divi Builder also makes backups of all changes, so you can easily restore them if you run into problems.

3. Easy to update

We have used other themes in the past and even though we always create underlying themes, when the site is updated, we have to spend hours fixing the bugs of the update. With the Divi builder, we have far fewer problems updating. It is vital to update sites, especially if it is a security update.


Because we use Divi, you will have a website that is easy to maintain and that we can quickly move with the needs of your market. And because Klantenfabriek is a full service provider, you make the choice of what you want to do yourself or what we do for you.

Wondering if a WordPress website with Divi builder is for you? If so, please contact us below.

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