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A blog is an important communication tool in B2B. I regularly, as part of commercial training, give people "blog-lessons," so I thought it would be helpful to explain this part properly.
Auteur: Erik Camman
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We’ve told each other enough that it’s important to share relevant content. In this blog, I give you an outline to write a short, and most importantly, readable, basic blog in 15 minutes. In doing so, we focus primarily on readability for your target audience and not search engine optimization. There is more about SEO on this page.

Step 1: Make a choice

You can write a blog for your target audience or for Google. If your target audience responds primarily to relationship marketing, I suggest you describe what you want to share with the target audience smoothly and in clear language. This has the advantage that your text does not become “tinny” and you take all the freedom you need to write down what you want to say.

Step 2: Create a structure

A basic, easy-to-read blog consists of four paragraphs of about one hundred words.
– In the first paragraph, you describe a problem of your target audience.
– In the second paragraph, you elaborate on that problem and its consequences.
– In the third paragraph, you present a solution,
– which you link to the beginning of your blog in the fourth paragraph.

Step 3: Create a Wordcloud

Now we have the structure of the blog on paper and the main thinking comes. You are going to describe a problem of your target audience in keywords. Think about what problem you are solving and put it on paper in five or six keywords. Then you start writing. Above all, write nice and fast. If you don’t know where to begin you may start with the sentence, “I don’t know where to begin, but I want to write a blog about this problem.” The secret of that first sentence is that you give yourself a starting point and the following sentences come out of your pen a lot easier. Of course, after you have finished writing, just throw away the first sentence. If you get stuck in creating your text, grab your list of keywords. Write nicely one after another until you really can’t take any more, but make sure you create a basic text of at least 600 words.

Step 4: Put the text away for a moment

Now is the time to distance yourself from your text. You probably have some other things to do. That’s convenient, because when you pick up your text again in half a day or a full day you’ll look at it fresh again.

Step 5: Rewrite your text to the format

To write is to delete. Compress your text and try to get within the format as much as possible. When you finish this step, your blog is ready.

Step 6: Title and image

Titles are important to attract the attention of your target audience. In addition, a catchy image helps very much. A blog is read 50% better if it has an attractive title and image above it.


Of course, this is not the only format in which you can publish. Depending on the topic and objective, a blog can take many forms. There are topics for which this format is not appropriate. However, it is suitable for regular and easy communication with your target audience.

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