A new website in five steps

As with all communication tools within your organization, your website needs a new look from time to time. The world changes, your business changes, or you enter new markets. Time for a new website? We do that in a maximum of five steps!
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Then, once you’ve decided it’s time for a new website, there are a number of choices to make. A website is not a “stand-alone” thing, but is part of your communication mix. It must fit within your company’s ambition, so it’s time to think about the following components and, where necessary, ask the specialists at Klantenfabriek for advice.

1. Corporate identity

The first choice is whether, when developing a new Web site, you also need a new corporate identity. If so, website construction begins with one of our image specialists. He helps redefine your brand and loads it with brand values. This creates a brand directory, which contains all the elements that appeal to your target audience. Based on that brand map, the website designer goes to work.

2. Purpose of the website

Your website probably serves multiple purposes. For example, it should excite new customers to get in touch with your company, but you may also want portals for existing customers or an interactive Q&A, links to a web shop or even CRM/ERP software. We map out all these goals and describe them in a Program of Requirements (PoR) This PoR is sometimes only three lines long, but sometimes a tome of more than ten pages, depending on your needs.

3. Website design

With the corporate identity, the website designer determines how your target audience (or audiences) will interact on the website. Website visitors determine very quickly whether they are interested in your proposition, so we need to make sure they get to the information relevant to them quickly. The website designer creates a model of the website, which the website builder gets to work with.

4. Website construction

In the next step in this process, we are actually going to make something. The website builder builds the website and provides a working first version. It is tested and adjustments are made where necessary. Once the website builder is finished, there is a framework in place that facilitates your presentation on the Internet.

5. Image, sound and texts

Now that the website is up, we are going to fill it with content. Often the construction of a new Web site is an occasion to take a hard look at the existing content and see what new content is still missing. Based on content planning, we complete that content. We also look at whether the images still fit the corporate identity and what content is relevant to your target audience. After step five, you will have a working website that will help realize your business ambition for the foreseeable future!

Extra: After completion

The Internet is dynamic. To be found well, it is important to optimize your website for search engines (SEO). Depending on the objective of the website, our SEO specialists optimize the site and its content.

Want to know more about the Customer Factory method of building websites? Then contact Eric Neeteson Lemkes and ask about our options.

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