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The Customer Factory Method

The most frequently asked question: how exactly do you guys do it? In this video, we answer.

Trend research

We conduct research on marketing trends within b2b. The purpose of the survey is to find out what challenges b2b companies have in the marketing field. The examination takes an average of 5 minutes. Busy loading...

The Friendly Bee

Curtain atelier the Nijvere Bij produces custom work for interior specialists. With this new website, the company meets their need for more product information.

The use of personas

We often use personas in marketing. Personas are constructed representations of ideal audiences, and their proper application makes communication more targeted. This blog explores what personas are, why they are so powerful and how they can be successfully applied in communication strategies.

Saying goodbye to customers

No commercial entrepreneur likes to lose customers, except a funeral director. Still, you occasionally find yourself in the position of saying goodbye to each other. It’s a moment you want to delay as far as possible. You can, if you do the right things before, during and after the relationship.

How do you score a family business?

Within the recruitment industry, we like to do business with large companies. Rightly so, because these are companies where many personnel changes take place, a flexible shell is a permanent part of the personnel policy and is thought of more in budget than in cost. Unfortunately, this is the pond in which many secondment companies fish and your distinctiveness as a specialist is undervalued. I suggest looking for family businesses.

Customer case KindPlanner: More leads through the right workflows

Creating segments or lists for each channel is an important part of setting up marketing automation. With this, you ensure that you approach a broad audience in a much more personal way and get the right message to the right person at the right time.

How do you select the right marketing automation software?

In the dynamic world of marketing, using marketing automation software is a crucial step to increase efficiency, provide personalized communication and ultimately achieve better results.

Primal Brabant conviviality at Directors Network annual event ‘Shift Happens’

At the latest edition of the Directors Network annual event, we provided classic Brabant sausage rolls from Houben. Why? Watch the video!

The roadmap for 2024

It’s that time of year again when we look ahead to what the next year has in store. Plans have been forged, budgets have been prepared, and hopefully you’ve already set your budget for 2024. Everything is set for a great year, and we are ready! So, what specifically are we going to focus on in 2024?

Why do you make a communication plan?

A communications plan is essential for successful corporate communications. It ensures consistent and coherent messages, strengthens internal communications, builds strong external relationships and provides a solid approach during crises. Through feedback and continuous improvement, communication remains effective and targeted.

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