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The Customer Factory Method

The most frequently asked question: how exactly do you guys do it? In this video, we answer.

The five conditions for a brand promise

You adapt your product or service to the needs of the market. For many entrepreneurs, the entire market is too big a step, simply because it takes a lot of money behind it to reach the entire market. One way to get ahead of the part of the market that belongs to you is to communicate your brand promise.

A new knowledge platform for textile care Netherlands. With a monthly stream of new news articles, this will be the central point of knowledge.

Six steps to new customers

Even if you are satisfied with your existing sales, you also know that you will eventually need to acquire new customers again. Follow this roadmap to achieve more customers and more sales in the short or long term based on two questions.

The next trend after SEO; marketing automation. What should we do with it?

When we look at online marketing land, our Western friends in America are always a few steps ahead of us. We have several cultural differences with our neighbors on the other side of the ocean. Thus, they have extreme individualism, shouting to be the best is very effective and “the bigger the better” is the motto. Despite the cultural differences, we adopt almost all of their trends, although there are often several years in between.

A communication plan in seven steps

We make marketing simple. Therefore, we are developing a matrix that you can use to create your own communication plan. With lots of advice and plenty of room to properly develop your plan for your product or service.

4 reasons why you shouldn’t embed video in an email

At first glance, it seems logical to embed videos directly into your emails. Instead of dropping a clickable video thumbnail and forcing someone to take action and click to view the whole thing, wouldn’t it be easier if the email recipient could easily access the video content within the email itself?

The seven life stages of businesses

Les McKeown identifies seven life stages in the life cycle of any organization. Once you get to Stage 4, you need to stay alert. The pendulum will always move to stage three or to stage five. In practice, the various management forces and egos are constantly fighting with each other. For example, the visionary and the maleputter want their freedom back and are trying to work the processor out. Therefore, make sure there is someone who can act as a connecting link in your team.

A good start to 2021

With all that has changed in the past year, a few things , thankfully, are permanent. For example, Christmas always falls on December 25 and 26, and the new (book) year begins on January 1. Older and wiser, after a tumultuous year, we start 2021 with great energy and ambition and, above all, with every effort to contribute to the success of our clients.

How do I market my services?

This blog is about differentiating repair, installation and maintenance companies. In doing so, I run the risk of writing a boring blog, because the differentiation is usually in the service. So how do you show a potential customer that your company is just that little bit better than your competitor’s?

3 tips for tech companies in need of new customers.

A major pillar of the Dutch economy is its high-end manufacturing industries. Often small to medium-sized companies that specialize in a technical feat and find a suitable clientele to go with it.

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