Our event colleagues came up with an outdoor escaperoom for Madurodam. As enthusiastic participants, we got to make the introduction.

For Madurodam’s corporate arrangements, the largest miniature park in the Netherlands regularly deploys the escape game that our colleagues from Teambuilding at the Table created for them. We faced the challenge of explaining an escaperoom for groups between 50-200 people in a five-minute video.

Client: Madurodam Events
Implementation: team building at the table
In collaboration with Geerling Media Productions

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KNRM Captain of Sales

KNRM Captain of Sales

On November 17, we participated in KNRM’s captain of sales. Goal: raise as much money as possible for KNRM’s heroes.

Hague Hat Challenge

Hague Hat Challenge

The Haagse Hoed Challenge is a 24-hour bike ride through characteristic The Hague with the goal of raising as much money as possible for the Daniel den Hoed Fund, which enables scientific research at the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute.

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Bike Labyrinth

Bike Labyrinth grows. In the Netherlands and far beyond. This creates the need for a new sales strategy, including its implementation. So we train management and sales on new skills.

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