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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a SalesMachine provide?

The Sales Machine delivers qualitative information about your value proposition.Gain insight into your place in the market and strategically adjust accordingly. Ensures that you have control over the organic revenue and margin growth of your business.

What does a SalesMachine do?

With the SalesMachine, we make sure your salespeople get to the right people. We start a SalesMachine with qualitative research among the target audience and look at the competition in the market. With this information, we gain a better understanding of your position in the market and optimize your company’s value proposition.

What results does a SalesMachine deliver?

The interaction prospects have with these campaigns determines where they are in the buying process. Through Lead Scoring, we determine when a prospect is ready to be transferred to the sales department. The higher the score is, the more the salesperson can respond to the prospects’ needs and the more likely the prospect will become a customer.

Is a SalesMachine quantitative or qualitative?

While using SalesMachine, we talk to your target audience and measure their interest in your product or service. We go the extra mile with targeted questions about why they choose your company. Knowing who has what buying arguments allows you to communicate in a more targeted way, making your communication more effective. Ultimately, the SalesMachine ensures that your sales team gets in touch with those people who are ready for your services..

What is Top Lead Guarantee?

In the course of our work, we speak to a large number of suspects for your organization. Based on their interests, we qualify them as a Spect, Prospect or Lead. Our TopLead Guarantee delivers 25 documented leads that are sensitive to your offer.

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