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Social media has become an integral part of your marketing mix. It’s a great way to collect leads. Do you want to use social media profitably?

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Expand your reach

Social media allows you to reach a large audience at low cost. With creative campaigns and helpful interactions, find prospects at the moment they have a need for your product or service.

Beautiful customization

In the rapidly changing social and digital landscape, we know that a “one size fits all” approach to social media does not produce results. That’s why we use a user-centered, data-driven process to develop and execute social media content for you.

What platforms should you be on?

How do you communicate effectively with your audience? What content matches your customer’s needs?

We make sure your brand becomes (and stays) relevant on all social channels. Whether you need content that introduces your product to your target audience, or a strategy to engage your brand in conversation with the market; we follow industry trends and best practices to achieve your goals.

Calculate result

The competition for the user’s attention is enormous. Now how do you convert that reach into customers? You have to do something that stands out. And making sure that your offer exactly matches the user’s needs. And measure what it produces. That’s where we come in.

Conversion Rate of a Social Media Advertisement

Suppose a company launches an advertising campaign on social media to promote a new product. They create an eye-catching ad that appeals to users interested in their product category. During the campaign, the company tracks the number of users who clicked on the ad (click-through) and the number of users who actually made a purchase.

Campaign results:

Total number of ad impressions: 10,000
Click-through: 500
Purchases made: 25
To calculate the conversion rate for this social media ad campaign, you can use the following formula:

Conversion Rate = (Number of Purchases / Number of Click-throughs) × 100

By filling in the numbers from the example:

Conversion rate = (25 / 500) × 100 = 5%

This calculation shows how effective the company’s advertising efforts on social media were. A higher conversion rate indicates that the ad was successful in persuading users to take the desired action (in this case, make a purchase). It also emphasizes the importance of not just generating clicks, but making sure those clicks result in meaningful actions, such as purchases or sign-ups.

Wise man once said:

“Social Media is, by its very nature, a contradiction. Social is identity and Media is image. Once you understand how to balance the two you can use it well.”

Socials are about liking

It’s a lame joke, but it covers it. On the Internet, everything is for sale. If you can reach your target audience through Socials, it’s worth exploring how you do it. We do that research. Then you will know what it costs and what it can provide.

I come across quite a few Social Media Gurus at meetings who get a room full of entrepreneurs excited about Social Media. What strikes me is that they usually leave their company asking, “How then?” Because using social media requires a good plan, a realistic budget and ditto expectations. That’s a conversation I’d love to have with you.

What do you want from social media?

Ask about Customer Factory’s options for boosting your image and getting a good position on socials.

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