€ 495

per month

€ 1095

per month

€ 1695

per month

Number of contacts 1000 10000 20000
Complete Marketing Automation
Campaign tracking
Behavior-based E-mail
Dynamic landing page
Reporting and analysis
CRM and Sales Automation
Dynamic Form Creator
Helpdesk Tickets 4 10 20
Telephone help desk
On-site support and training
Onboarding, including 60 days of support €2495 free free
Implementation and development Lite Basic Pro

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a LeadMachine do?

With the LeadMachine, we collect data about your target audience’s online interactions. By tracking marketing channels, we keep track of what keeps your prospects engaged and build profiles based on their needs (Personas).

What is the result of a LeadMachine?

The interaction prospects have with these campaigns determines where they are in the buying process. Through Lead Scoring, we determine when a prospect is ready to be transferred to the sales department. The higher the score is, the more the salesperson can respond to the prospects’ needs and the more likely the prospect will become a customer.

When do you deploy a LeadMachine?

The LeadMachine is used to measure the effectiveness of communications and to make the marketing process as efficient as possible by making targeted use of marketing automation. To turn a prospect into a lead, we offer them the right information at the right time. We support that process with automated triggers. In addition, it is important to measure effectiveness to find out when people are sensitive to certain information.

What does a LeadMachine provide?

Lead Machine puts you in control of your company’s organic revenue and margin growth.

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