Consultative selling

Your consultants play an important role in the relationship with your client. In this modular program, we turn your consultants into better ambassadors of your company and teach them how to secure and improve relationships with your clients.

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A modular program

The program consists of twelve modules, which can be used separately or together. This is how we customize this program, to the needs of your organization.

For consultants, sales training doesn’t work. Still, you want your consultants to communicate well with the client. Seeing opportunities. Making clients more beautiful and bigger.

That is why we have developed a special program for Consultative Sellers. Assertive enough to improve your team’s performance, soft enough to make sure your people like it.

The modules


Module 1: Inventory

The inventory is a session for all participants. In this session, we lay the foundation for sales, determine joint ambitions and goals. Also, in this session we determine what the groups for the commercial skills training will look like. We determine this based on the roles and ambitions of the participants. For example, inside sales/help desk employees need different skills than outside sales/account managers

3 key questions to ask prospects.
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Module 2: Personal assessment

All participants take a personal assessment. This assessment focuses on personality and skills. Based on the assessment, participants receive an individual interview to discuss the results.

Module 3: Commercial skills training

Module 3 consists of training commercial skills. The session consists of part fixed content and part personal fulfillment by the participants. Within the fixed content, we will discuss the various types of salespeople with the goal of making it clear that they are basically already “selling” without being aware of it. In addition, practical exercises focused on asking the “right” questions and the LSD model. We determine the focus of the free section based on the inventory.

Trend research

Module 4: Personal development plan

We create a PDP individually with each participant. In it, we challenge the participant to think about what he/she wants to achieve. The personal development plan lists the participant’s aspirations and the skills they want to improve.

Module 5: Planning

When we have achieved all the departure goals, it is important to create a schedule so that everyone has a grip and pursues the same goals.

The seven life stages of businesses

Module 6: Account Management

In one or more sessions, we work with a senior consultant to develop some cases from existing clients. In this, we put a major focus on mapping the DMU and researching sales opportunities.

Module 7 Account Based Marketing (ABM).

In Module 7, we get into account-based marketing and learn how to get all the key people in your organization working together on a client to make sure the right people at your client get the right information at the right time.

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Module 8: Managing ABM.

In this module, we teach the manager of the team how to secure Account Based Marketing within your organization.

Module 9 A self-reliant team

After speaking with all participants 1 on 1, we will discuss these findings as a team and identify where people can strengthen each other.

Sales and Marketing work together within Account Based Marketing

Module 10: Roles and aspirations

Module 10 is a further development of modules 2 and 4. We see, after the participant has taken note of sales and has been working within the new environment for a while, what ambitions they have developed and what role fits them.

Module 11: Strategic commercial plan

The strategic commercial plan deals with the manner of selling and goals of the entire organization. In this module, we create the strategic commercial plan with all direct stakeholders to also create support within the group.

The 7 phases of the purchase model

Module 12: Creating a sales plan

In module 12, we create a sales plan for each consultant. In it, we set the consultant’s goals and figure out how he/she is going to achieve them.

Best program.

The program is modular. You can choose to use one or more modules. Or the entire program. And everything in between. Which option is best for your issue we will be happy to discuss. That’s always personal. Contact.

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