Training in sales management and sales

Customer Factory Academy

Welcome to the Customer Factory Academy. We organize various workshops and master classes to expand your knowledge.

The first workshop or master class is free to attend.


Customer Factory workshops are:

      • Compact
      • Practice
      • Not long-winded
      • In small groups so you get lots of personal attention


Sales in the Lead

During this workshop you will learn:

To open a conversation

Conversation and negotiation techniques

Asking the right questions

To be concluded with an appointment


Account Based Marketing

During this workshop you will learn:

How to create an account plan

How to create a stakeholder map

How to make sales and marketing work ideally together



During this workshop you will learn:

What types of customers and vendors there are

How to empower these types

How to write an adaptive sales plan

I have now attended a number of Customer Factory workshops and I find that it is a good way to revisit existing knowledge and make it practical.

Wim Milder

Business Development Director, Axoft IT & Telecom B.V.