Van zoekwoord tot content

Tijdens deze workshop leer je:

  • Hoe je een mindmap gebruikt
  • Hoe je een zoekwoorden onderzoek doet
  • Hoe je een landingspagina of blogpost opzet

Workshop information

Your website is an important communication channel, where you publish your relevant content. Preferably, even content that is found by your target audience on Google. To accomplish this, you use search engine marketing (SEO). Conversely, you can also use SEO to create valuable and findable content.

In our workshop from keyword to content, we give you tools that make it easy to start SEO yourself. More importantly, by following this method you are going to write about the issues that are on the minds of the people you would like to have as clients. This creates a pool of potential customers.

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Location: Customer Factory
When: every last Tuesday of the month
Time: 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Price: 99 euros p.p.


Danielle van den Hove

Marketing & Communications Specialist, Parkstad Inspecties.

Ik heb de online workshop ‘van zoekwoord tot content’ gevolgd van Jasper Camman. Deze workshop was voor mij een goede opfriscursus die tevens ook goede tips bevatte. De groep was klein, waardoor iedereen zijn of haar leerdoelen heeft behaald. Jasper legde alles goed uit, had voorwerk gedaan naar de verschillende bedrijven en gaf ieder een bruikbaar technisch rapport van de website van het betreffende bedrijf. Al met al een heel fijne workshop. Zeker een aanrader.

Martijn Graat

Content marketer, Logistics Matter

Jolanda Nadorp

Marketing Manager, Demo Consultants

I had 1-on-1 workshop “from keyword to content” from Jasper. There was a good structure to his explanations and he took into account my level of knowledge. The fact that he also figured out and worked out things specifically related to our website was absolutely fantastic.

Minke Burggraaff

Marketer/Inside sales, PromoTec B.V.

Instructive interactive workshop! Jasper asks good questions and combines a nuanced vision with pragmatic advice.

Sanne Toonen

Content Marketer, Adiform

The individual attention, clear explanations and hands-on tools to get started right away made the workshop instructive and interesting. Jasper and Mike took ample time to answer questions each from their own perspective on the field of online marketing. A Dream Team!

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