Sara Gribnau
started her graduate internship at Klantenfabriek in February. Curious about Sara? Read more about her below.

Sara Gribnau

Sara Gribnau

Content marketer intern


Name: Sara Gribnau
Age: 21 years old
Position: Content marketer intern
Education: commercial economics
Specialization: Marketing Communications

Characteristics: I am creative, athletic, opinionated and helpful.
Motivation: My motivation stems from my interest in marketing communications work and the opportunities for professional growth.
Goals: My goals are to experience a learning internship, deliver a good research project and add value to the Customer Factory.

Hobbies: Playing field hockey, going to the gym and traveling.
Fun facts about me: Two years ago I went skydiving in Croatia and I can speak Norwegian because I am part Norwegian.


One of my favorite vacations (Curaçao)

Sunset on the beach

Preikestolen hiked in Norway

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