Roland van Dijke
works from Barcelona at Klantenfabriek as an online marketer. Curious about Roland? Read more about him below.

Roland van Dijke

Roland van Dijke

Online marketer


Name: Roland van Dijke
Age: 22 years old
Function: Online marketer
Education: bachelor’s degree in commercial economics
Specialization: Social media marketing and search engine optimization

Characteristics: I am calm, creative, structured, disciplined and interested.
Motivation: My motivation is supporting companies in marketing communications and achieving impressive results. I also greatly appreciate the flexibility, trust and sociability that Customer Factory provides.
Goals: My goals are to achieve even greater results for our clients.

Hobbies: My hobbies are boxing, going to the gym and taking long walks.
Fun facts about me: I am currently working for Client Factory from Barcelona for six months.


Snowboarding on winter sports

Delicious pasta

My views over the past few months in Barcelona

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