Marleen Boon
works as a graphic designer at Klantenfabriek. Curious about Marleen? Read more about her below.

Marleen Boon

Marleen Boon

Graphic designer


Name: Marleen Boon
Age: 25 years old
Function: Graphic designer
Education: Bachelor of industrial product design
Specialization: Analyzing, developing and synthesizing ideas.

Traits: I am sociable, eager to learn, perfectionist, enjoy working with people and love organization/organization.
Motivation: I would like to gain more experience in website design and learn from the company.
Goals: My goals are to learn as much as possible about different aspects in the creative/technical field. In fact, I think it would be great fun to be broadly applicable and involved in all kinds of ramifications within these sectors. In addition, in the coming years I would like to participate in projects that contribute to a cleaner world, such as a waste-free coast, recycling or biodegradable packaging.

Hobbies: In my life, there is a kind of dichotomy when it comes to hobbies, namely anything to do with creativity: coloring, patterning, embroidery, graphic design, and so on. I also love anything to do with being outdoors: (mountain) hiking, camping, swimming, bouldering, via ferratas, and so on.
Fun facts about me: I have played the flute for 10 years, I share my birthday with St. Nicholas, I am a proud Zeeuw who unfortunately does not speak Zeeland, and I have family in Tromsø, which secretly makes me feel a little Norwegian too.



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