Jasper Camman
is commercial manager at Customer Factory. Curious about Jasper? Read more about him below.

Jasper Camman

Jasper Camman

Commercial manager


Name: Jasper Camman
Age: 29 years old
Function: Commercial manager
Education: Bachelor of communication science
Specialization: Strategy, developing product market combinations, market research, search engine optimization, marketing automation, LinkedIn marketing.

Characteristics: I am caring, patient, analytical and opinionated.
Motivation:My motivation is to add real value to various organizations.
Goals: At Customer Factory, my ongoing goal is to add value to our customers. Within Customer Factory, I strive to build a strong commercial team. Privately, my goal is to do part of the Monte Rosa Spaghetti tour in 2025.

Hobbies: My hobbies include hiking, bouldering, toprope, preclimbing and mountaineering.
Fun facts about me: I
I lived in London for six months and stood on the top of Africa.


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